High Heel Chair

My recent high heel chair addition to the office

Well this is going to be a bit off topic, as you can see this blog is by no means professional and it will include some of my own life in it. Me and the girlfriend have recently moved in together and i decided to set up my own office space thinking this is where i could come to work and update my music blog for you to read. Well was my peace shattered, not only has she had control of the other chairs that the house has been furnished with she decided to convert my own office into a half make up studio half office complete with a high heel chair to match, the worst bit is its a bright pink chair so it doesn’t even go with the decor in the room I’m pretty sure its just been done to spite me.

Now we’ve tried to argue this out and see if she will move it but given its only a two bedroom flat we dont have much choice with where this high heel shoe chair will be able to go so it probably means I’m stuck with it unfortunately.

Id like to know if any of the other fellas here have had a similar problem where a girlfriend or a significant other has ended up furnishing their flat with one of them horrible looking shoe chairs in an attempt to have their own little make up studio? I know i can’t be the only person out there that has had this problem so if any of you kids can reach out to me then feel free by doing it in the comments box below.

I hope you all enjoyed my moaning about my girlfriends current escapades you can expect more as she starts to decorate it the whole flat in her own little way.

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The Best That Radiohead Had To Offer?

My baby’s got the bends,
We don’t have any real friends.
– Radiohead

Yesterday, Capitol Records released a best of Radiohead album, coincidentally titled The Best Of. 17 tracks sum up Radiohead’s 10-year career with Capitol. My favorite aspect of “best of” albums is the conversations that they start. Which tracks should have been included? How did they consider this to be a best track?

For those of you keeping track, here is how the individual albums performed:

Pablo Honey (1993) – 1 track
The Bends (1995) – 6 tracks
OK Computer (1997) – 4 tracks
Kid A (2000) – 3 tracks
Amnesiac (2001) – 1 track
Hail To The Thief (2003) – 2 tracks

That equals 17 tracks, right? Here’s where the fun begins. Does anybody think that this album should be called Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? I understand OK Computer getting a lot of tracks – it’s arguably the best album of the 90’s, but maybe they could have thrown a bone to post-2000 albums and given them one or more tracks from The Bends.

Three songs that I would like to see on the album:

Knives Out from Amnesiac. I’m one of those rare Radiohead fans who thinks that Amnesiac is at least the equal of Kid A. Yes, it’s made up of stuff left off of Kid A, but I find the album to be more comfortable with its experimental side than Kid A. Kid A is the demonstrative slam dunk to Amnesiacs silky three point shooting. They’re both fun and exciting, but one is a little less in your face.
Anyone Can Play Guitar from Pablo Honey. I love the chorus in this song: “And if the world does turn / And if London burns / I’ll be standing on the beach with my guitar / I wanna be in a band when I get to heaven / Anyone can play guitar and they won’t be a nothing anymore.“
True Love Waits from I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings. This is the perfect song to be released live. I don’t want to ever hear a studio recording of it. Just Thom Yorke, an acoustic guitar, and a live audience. This is definitely a song that has spent the occasional hour on repeat on my iPod.

What songs would I remove from the album? If you had to twist my arm, I would say, My Iron Lung from The Bends, There There from Hail to the Thief (probably my least favorite Radiohead album), and possibly Optimistic from Kid A, but at that point, I’d be screaming uncle from you twisting my arm so much. Lucky for you and me, there is a limited edition version of the album, which contains 30 tracks, including the three I mentioned above.

Considering I talked it up so much, today’s song is True Love Waits.